Hi Guys! Oh my gosh it is May! That means summer is coming and that means it’s close to my birthday!! I will be thirteen in three months! OMG! I am going to try and get this post to 300 words, now for some people that my seem small but I don’t write a lot […]

Hello People! Today is Earth Day! Do something nice for the planet today, go out of your way to recycle something that you would normally throw in the trash. Or make a garden and try to grow something! The possibility’s are endless! A fun thing you can do with your friends is to make a […]

Hi Guys! I has been a while since I last posted and I am not going to do a long one today but I just wanted to tell you that I did a post on Google + so if you don’t read that you should go check it out! Also I am curious how the […]

Happy April everyone! And you know what this means… Its April Fools Day! So I did a few pranks on my mom and my brother (my dad is out of town) and I am going to share a few of them with you! Bubble wrap under the carpet. This is a really fun one! I […]

Hi guys! I know I know it has been a vary long time since i have posted, but i have one coming up… i just need to take a few pictures 😛 I will give you a hint I is a themed DIY 🙂 Thanks for reading my very short post! 😀 gp

Hi Guys! Okay I really want summer to hurry up, we got a few days of warm sunny weather and now it is really dark and wet, I get kinda depressed if the weather is dark and rainy. Now change of subject, I am going on a bit of a rant here but bare with […]