Why Wont Summer Come Sooner!?

Hi Guys!

Okay I really want summer to hurry up, we got a few days of warm sunny weather and now it is really dark and wet, I get kinda depressed if the weather is dark and rainy.

Now change of subject, I am going on a bit of a rant here but bare with me.

Do clothing company’s not realize that there are still skinny people out there in the world? I mean when I was younger I literally could not find pants that fit me, the only place i could find pants was at thrift stores.I could find pants that fit me in the legs but they were two inches to big in the waist!! It just makes me so frustrated! But there is hope! I found some stretchy comfortable jeans at Sears! Good job Sears!


Also next month is my one year Blogiversary! So get excited for that! 😀


Thank you for reading my rant, and have a nice day.



How To Keep Your Cereal From Getting Soggy

Hi Guys!

How’s your life going?

I have a hack for you today, have you ever suffered from soggy cereal? Well for me its a big pain, to prevent this from happening just pour your cereal in a bowl and pour your milk in a cup then put a bit of both in your mouth this way your cereal won’t be sitting in milk the whole time! I am actually eating my cereal like this right now 😛

Kind of a short post, but its the information that counts right?

The first person to tell me the correct amount of times a said cereal will get a shoutout in my next blog post!

Thanks for reading!


I’m Doing A Photo Shoot On Friday!

Hi Guys!

So on Friday I am going to the beach to do a photo shoot! The story behind that is that my godmother works for Re/max ( Real estate company) anyway she and her sister worked at a family fishing place when they were my age and now they work together for Re/max, and they are doing a commercial about that and I am going to be in it! I will be working with another girl about my age. I am so excited!!

Cross your fingers everything goes well!

Thanks for reading my random blurts of randomness!  weeeee!


A Post That My Mum Did

Hi guys!

I thought I would share a post that my mum did on her web site.

best friend jar


My twelve-year-old daughter made a lovely Christmas gift for her best friend. She printed out several sentiments, such as, “You make me laugh,” and, “You know me better than I know myself,” and stuck them to the inside of a Mason jar, along with a paper snowflake and a little heart, and then tied a braid of hemp cord around the top of the jar.
best friend jar by gypsy pixie
Then she made a little booklet with a cardstock cover and paper pages, sewn in along the spine with some gold cord. One side says, “Sierra’s Favourite Quotes,” and, when it is flipped upside down, the other side says, “Sophia’s Favourite Quotes.” Sierra wrote several of her favourite quotes in her side, leaving the other side for Sophia to write in.
best friend jar by gypsy pixie
I love that this is a gift that can be added to over the years, inspired by the treasures that emerge from a best friend’s heart. ♥
I didn’t do a post on this so there you go! 🙂 Her website is the artful acorn.Thanks for reading!


A Big Announcement, And A Photography Post!

Hi guys!

Long time no see! I can honestly say I forgot about blogging! 😛

Now time for the announcement, I am going to school! Yup that’s right, I am not going to be a homeschooler for much longer! I will be starting full time in September! Any tips for going to school? What to expect? I will gratefully accept any tips. What have you guys been up to? I am always free to chat in the comments, so lets have a little party down there!

Now on to the photography post ~>

I believe I took these last summer 🙂


Our beach 


Watching the waves on the ferry


Sunflowers in our friends garden


A lovely rose

And that was it! I hope you enjoyed! 😀

Thanks for stopping by!


The Unknown Blogger Tag!

Hi Guys!

Rose over at It’s Looking A Bit Mitty tagged me to do The Unknown Bloggers Tag! Enjoy 🙂

This is a challenge. Therefore, those nominated are challenged to do it.

Nominate at least 5 followers with less than 100 followers etc., etc., etc.

Here are the questions:

  • If you were stuck on a desert island and you only had one type of food and one type of drink, what would it be?
  • The drink would be water and the food would be sandwiches
  • If you had a cat, what would you name it?
  • Well I have two cats already and there names are Frodo and Juniper
  • Why did you start blogging?
  • I stumbled upon Noor’s blog and thought hey that would be fun!
  • If you could dye hair any color, what would it be?
  • Probably like a natural looking red type color
  • What is your favorite genre of book
  • Fiction

Here are my questions:

If you had to move and could only take five things what would they be?

If you could go anywhere where would it be?

When did you start blogging?

If you had the chance what would you change about the world?

Are you a Blogger user or a WordPress user?

I nominate :

The Writer From A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Lexie from What Lexie Loves

Now I know that I was supposed to nominate at least five bloggers but I’m not going to.

I am going to throw a random emoji in here 😛

Thanks for reading!