30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 10!

Well hello everybody!

Today is day ten of the blogging challenge!

So lets go! —->


Day 10 – Best Trip Of Your Life

Okay I thing the best trip of my life was going to Nakusp.

It was so diverse and it was neat to see the reaction that we got from the public. It was also awesome to be able to camp for the week ahead! And i had never been on a road trip before!

And that was the best trip of my life!

Stay awesome!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 9!

Dun dun da dun dun da dun dun da dun!

Okay randommmm Star Wars entry!


Its time for the next 30 Day Blogging Challenge!


Day 9 : Whats In Your Bag/Wallet

Okay this will be my makeup bag thing whatever you want to call it.

1- Aveda Moisturizing Lotion

2 – Two EOS (Vanilla Mint And Strawberry Sorbet)

3 – Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (Fig)

4 – Wildside Naturals Glossy Chapstick (I cant find the site for this sorry!)

5 –  Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

6 – Baby Lips (Cherry Me)

7 – A Lip Tint That My Friend Made Me

And that”s whats in my bag thing!

You can click on the things and it will take you to the site!

Love Ya’ll!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 8!

Whats up everybody!

Its Day 8 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Oh my gosh!

So lets get into it….


Day 8 – Your Five Current Goals

Goal 1- To finish level ten in swimming Because then i can train to be a lifeguard!

Goal 2 – to get back to horse riding lessons.

Goal 3 – I want to keep my room clean.

Goal 4 – Enjoy summer while it lasts!

Goal 5 – Spend more time outside!

And that’s it for today’s post hope you enjoyed it!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 7!

Hi guys!

I just realized I have been doing this challenge for a week now!

Anyway on with the post —>


Day 7 – Your 5 Favorite Songs

1 – Clarity. It Was The First Song I Sang With My Friend

2 –  My Jam. Cozi Zuehisdorfe

3 –  Brave Souls. Cozi Zuehisdorfe

4 –  Good Time.

5 –  Something Big

And there you go, my five fave songs!

Comment what your favorite song is….

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 6!

What’s up guys!

Before the post I want need to tell you something…… I FINISHED THE HERO’S OF OLYMPUS! (cries internally) (Then is super happy) (and then is depressed because there are no more books) Okay, done now….

Its time for a new post!



Day 6 – What Are You Afraid Of


Yes i know they eat bugs and buggy things, but i hate there legs they just creep me out.

And go figure I have one in a necklace….. oh well.

That concludes this post!


Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 5!

Well hello everybody!

Wow saying that is getting really old, leave a suggestion in the comments what i should say for the intro.

Okay now on to the post!


Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment(s)

In the SCA there is an equestrian group that is called The Storm Riders,  and I was accepted into that group, I was so happy and proud!

The leader of that group is a woman called Violante (pronounced vee – oh – lahn – tay)

When I was in Nakusp She gave me feed and fly spray and brush’s and sent me of to go play with the horses! I felt so proud and trusted!

Okay Bye!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 3!

Oh Hi guys!

Guess what today’s post is about! You guessed it!



Okay so lets get on with it!

Day 3 – Your Favorite Quote

(Darn that’s gonna be hard)

Well I have a lot of favorite quotes but i think this is my favorite

“I was about to take over the world but then I saw something shiny”

– Anonymous

Just love that one!

Well that’s all for day 3!

See ya!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 2!

Hello guys!

Sorry i was late on posting. i was at an SCA event!

Anyway on with the post!


30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 2!  (it was originally 20 facts about you but I changed it to 10)

1 : I am level ten in swimming.

2 :  I do archery!

3 :  I love horses.

4 :  I live on a lake!

5 :  My dream job is to be a blogger.

6 :   I have two cats!

7 :   I really enjoyed doing photography!

8 :   I like drawing (though I’m not particularly good at it :p)

9 :  I love eos!

10 : And I love watching Seven Super Girls on Youtube!

Okay guys, i hope you are enjoying my 30 day blogging challenge!

See ya!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge!

Oh hi guys!
I have decided to challenge myself to the (drum roll please) 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE!


I think i will change Day 24, just not going to do it.

Okay so i will lets get in to it!

Day 1 – Your Blogs Name

At first my blog name was Wood Girl, well because I live in the woods, but I do other stuff two, so i changed the name to Gypsy Pixie which is pretty self-explanatory, Gypsy because I love to travel, and Pixie because I am small.

Well i hope you will you enjoy this challenge as much as i will!

Gypsy Pixie