30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 22!


I am going to my first swimming lesson today i’m so nervous, It’s the last grade, and i think its going to be hard to pass… AAAGGGG WORRY WORRY WORRY……..


Day 22 – Your Worst Habits

1 – Leaving the light on when i leave the room

2 – Not cleaning up my room (I mean who doesn’t!)

3 –  Um…. I cant think of another one

any way that was day 22!

Gypsy Pixie

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 21!


Okay i am tired now yay whoa RANDOMNESS!!!


Sorry i did not post for a few days we were really busy…..

CrAzY!! ya okay i’m done….


Day 21 – What Makes You Sad

1 – Boys being treated better then girls

This bugs me so much I mean girls are amazing and can do awesome things, just like boys ! In China boys are preferred over girls! I think that girls should be respected just as much as boys! And i think girls can be anything that they want to be if they set there mind to it!

Okay that was a bit of a rant but I think it needed to be said.

And that was day 21!

Comment down below what makes you sad…

Okay Bye!

Gypsy Pixie

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 20!


What you guys up to today?

I’m doing housecleaning and school 🙁

30 Day Blogging Challenge here i come!


Day 20 – What Makes You Happy

Eating Chocolate!

Going swimming in the lake

Having a pajama day in front of the TV


Thats all i can think of at the moment

Comment down below what makes you happy!

Okay Bye!

Gypsy Pixie

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 19!


I really need to blog every day for the challenge but i don’t….

Today i went to Metchosin Day! It was awesome and i got an ice cream sunday!

On we go!


Day 19 – Your Favorite Movie

Okay this is going to be hard…

Can i do two? i’m gonna do a two….

Brave…. just like omg best movie ever EVER!

Hotel Transylvania…It made me cry when Mavis is a bat, omg so cute….

I don’t know what to say

Okay i hope you like this post!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya!

Gypsy Pixie

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 18!

Hi Guys!

So today I am supposed to do a pic of myself but I am not going to do that so i am changing it to something else…



Day 18 – What’s Your Blogging Story

Well it all started when i found a blog called A Little Bit Of Sunshine and thought that was pretty cool!  Then i thought it would be cool to have a website of my own, so my dad said that i could have i website and after a few ideas i figured out that i wanted a blog!

Oh and thank you vary much Noor (From A Little Bit Of Sunshine) if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t be blogging!

Okay i hope you like my post sorry it was late but i was being lazy and didn’t want to post!

Stay amazing!

Gypsy Pixie

30 Day Blogging Post : Day 17!

Hello Guys!

I am not happy with the blog theme i have so am changing it to something i like, thanks for being patient!

Now on with the post!


Day 17 – Your Favorite Blogs

Yay i wanted to do this!

Blog 1 – A Little Bit Of Sunshine

ohmygosh this is a wonderful blog!

Blog 2 – Welcome To My World

Oh i love how she writes!

I’m sorry i don’t have more blogs to share with you today, but my brother calls..

See ya!

Gypsy Pixie  -<-<-@ (Its a rose!)

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 16!


Sorry I was late on this post we were stacking wood all day.

Anyway lets get to the post!


Day 16 – Thoughts On Education

Okay i am going to do the pros and cons of being homeschooled.

Pros Of Homeschooling

1 – You can do your schooling anytime in the day you want

2 – Which means you can get up at anytime you want all year round!

3 – And you can chose where you do your schoolwork (Sometimes i do it outside)

Cons Of Homeschooling

1 – For me i don’t do as much learning compered to if I was being schooled

2 – I get quizzed all the time by my friends because they think i don’t know as much, and the thing is i know the answer i just forget it when they ask me!

3 – I miss out on back to school shopping (Which I find kinda sad)

I hope this gives you some insight on what I think about education!

Stay awesome!

Gypsy Pixie <3

Things I need for the fair

Hi Everybody!

I know that i posted just a few minutes ago but I wanted to do a normal post, and seeing that the fair is coming up i thought i would do one of these!

Okay here are a few things I need at a fair.

1 – A hair brush

2 – Floss (after i eat corn on the cob i always want floss)

3 – Hair elastics

4 – Lip balm

5 – Ear plugs (For those great rides that blast your ears off)

6 – A sweater and extra pants (remember It gets cold at night)

7 – A camera

9 – Food (If you don’t want to spend too much money)

Well i hope that will help you at the next fair!

Comment down below if you use any of these things for the fair 

See you!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 15!


It’s day 15 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

And i have no intro so lets get into it!


Day 15 – Where Will You Be In 5 Years

Well now i don’t know…

Let me think….

Where I will be in 5 years –  I think I will be a lifeguard at the my local swimming pool, and I even might have a successful blog!

Sorry that my post was so short


Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 14!

Hi guys!

Are you sure you don’t want an apple? I am eating one right now, I think it helps me think about blogging (But it normally makes me think about apples) so i should stop eating my apple (sad music plays) No apple i cant lose you! (drops apple into compost) I lost it.

Okay that intro kinda turned into a story…. about an apple….. I’m weird…..

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 14!


Day 14 – 3 Healthy Habits

I’m not sure what they mean by that so i am just going to tell you 3 healthy habits that I try to follow

1 – Get to bed on time

2- Eat healthy

3 – Swim in the lake until you literally cant feel your body….no scratch that its probably not healthy.

3 – (Again) Get off you laptop and go out side everyday!

Which is what i am going to do now!

See you all later!

Gypsy Pixie <3