Happy First Day Of Winter/Marry Christmas!

Happy Winter guys!

Squeeeee its four days till Christmas! Who else is excited?! How do you celebrate? My grandpa is Danish so we celebrate on Christmas eve as well as on Christmas day! If you don’t celebrate Christmas what other holidays are coming up for you?

Sorry the GIFs in the guest post aren’t showing up I’m going to try and fix it.

Marry Christmas!



Guest Post From Rose!

Hi guys!

Today I have a guest post from Rose! Take it away girl! ūüôā

A Christmas Story Told In Gifs
‚ÄčSup, I’m Rose from It’s Looking A Bit Mitty!¬†My guest post is going to be, a Christmas story told in gifs. Let’s get started!
Becca wakes up on Christmas morning with a feeling of joy.


‚ÄčBut then, when she gets to the Christmas tree there were no presents!

‚Äč‚ÄčShe ran to her parents room with a feeling of rage.

‚ÄčThey woke up and looked confused.

‚ÄčThen they told her the gifts were in her Santa sack!

‚ÄčAnd so she spent the rest of the morning playing with her gifts.

‚ÄčAnd at the family Christmas party, joy was clear.

‚ÄčWell, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Gif Story. Remember my blog link is¬†http://itslookingabitmitty.blogspot.com.au
Merry Christmas,
Rose :3
Thanks for that awesome guest post Rose!
Thanks for reading!

December Goals

Hi guys!

Okay I know its after December first but I have never done a goals post and this seemed the right time to do one. Enjoy!

Do at least three Christmas posts

I really want to do this so I can get in the Christmas mood!

Plus¬†who doesn’t like Christmas posts!?

Blog more in general

I really haven’t had the motivation and the inspiration to blog, if you have any ideas for what I should post I would ¬†love to hear them!

Make Christmas presents for my family

This year I really want to make presents for my family I haven’t given them anything in the past years because I didn’t know what to make/get them but this year I have some ideas like bath bombs, cookies and stuff like that.

And there you have it! I was kinda short but I like it.

Thanks for read’in!