DIY Memory Jar

Hi Guys!

Sorry for not posting for almost a month! (I feel like I say this every time I post now!) anyway my life got really busy and I had no time to think up post ideas, bad me, I think I might take a blogging break.

This is a really cool DIY because at a later date you can read your lovely memory’s that you might have forgotten!


So for this DIY you will need the following: A big pickle jar (or any other kind) , Pretty card stock, And tape.

So its really simple all you do is decorate the jar however you want , then cut strips of of the card stock write on them and put them in the jar! I made a little paper envelope to put the strips in I had not written on yet.


And there you have it!

I hope you do this DIY and if you do leave me a comment down below telling me how it went!

See you!


Three Tips On Learning A New Language (online edition)

Hi Guys!

Since I am learning Spanish online and I always have trouble keeping motivated I thought I would share a few tips on how to keep organised and motivated!

Write down the new words and what they mean in a note book so when they ask you how to spell that word you can just look in your book, after a while you will memorize the words.

Get a colorful note book so it doesn’t look drab and boring and you want to open it!

Set an amount of time that you learn each day, and when you finish reward yourself with something like a small like your favorite snack or a movie!

It’s a short post but I hope it helps!



December Goals Recap / What I Got For Christmas! 2016 Resolutions.

Hi Guys! Long time no see! Sorry I haven’t been posting I have been to lazy to write down what I got for Christmas, bad me. Oh and happy new year!

December Goals Recap


Do at least three Christmas Posts

Okay I failed at this one, I had one Christmas guest post and one kinda lame short post so this was a Fail.

Blog more in general

And again this was a fail I did not blog much at all.

Make Christmas presents for my family

I did do a few presents for my friend and family but this year but we decided to just focus on the kids in my family.

2016 Resolutions


Start the lifeguard course.

I finished all of the levels of swimming lessons so now I can take it!

Keep the house tidy.

I think this one is pretty self explanatory

Be happier and less stressed.

I have been really stressed and I want to fix that.

What I got for Christmas 2015

 So I just want to say I am vary grateful and thankful for every thing I received this year.

So some of the things I got in my stocking were..

Socks, an EOS pack, Tooth brush, Gum, A hair brush, Soap, Sticky note booklet, Oak cookies, all my favorites!

Some of the things my parents gave me were..

Comic Books, Gloves, A Buddha Board mini, I love all of it!

My Aunt and Uncle Gave me and Brother the game Carcassonne big box. This is an awesome game!

My Grandma and Grandpa gave me…

A Sheriff onesie and I totally love it!

Well thank you everyone who supported me, and I will see you next year!


Gypsy Pixie