I’m To Short To Model

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be ranting, so get comfy because this is going to be a long one.

For a while now I have been thinking about going into the modeling industry because modeling would be everything I love wrapped up into one thing, so today I did some research into modeling agency’s in my area, I found a couple that might work so I clicked on the Specifications button on the web page, it gave me the age and height requirements, I would have to grow 6 inches to reach the minimum height allowed. I am not going to grow this much. This really upset me because everyone is working on excepting woman with different wights ( and don’t get me wrong I love that they are focusing on that)  but they are completely over looking the woman and girls who are under 5’7 (aka short) personally am 5’1 ( really short) technically this means that I can’t model but it doesn’t mean that I will give up.

If you haven’t heard of her, Madeline Stuart is an amazing model with down syndrome. She pioneered a path for woman everywhere and if she can do such amazing things, then who am I to let my height stop me from doing what I love. I don’t know how I am going to do it but I will find a way and when I do, you guys will be the first to hear it 🙂

If you have made it this far I applaud you, reading all was probably kinda boring, so if you did thank you!

On a different note, I got a comment asking me to do a healthy food / recipes post so get excited for that!

As always, Thanks for reading!