My first DIY!

Hello everybody!

Today i have a DIY for you all, yay!

Ok so to do this you will need the following… Paint brushes, Paint, Canvas (big or small) Painter’s tape, And whatever you want to decorate it!

So this is what i did..


So i put painters tape on in the pattern i liked.


Than i started painting!




Then i took off the tape…

And painted in the lines with the colors i liked!

I doted the lines with sparkly glue

put sequin like things on and voila!


You have a really cool wall decoration!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Mbye ~ Gypsy Pixie

3 thoughts on “My first DIY!

  1. Amazing! Ill try that some time! By the way tell your mom that work shop week at Dance Unlimited is starting soon so sign up to try some classes! They are all free on work shop week. I am going to be trying out Acro, Ballet and tap.

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