My First Story!

Hi guys!

Don’t forget I am having guest posters on my blog so step right up!

I’m writing a story!  I don’t know if i’m going to finish it but I will give it a try!

So this is my story!

Once upon a time a long time ago in a land far far away there lived a young woman who went by the name Mog. Now Mog was a princess, but she hated being a princess because she was not allowed to do anything her brothers were doing, and one day she got so fed up with it that she said yelled, she yelled at her tutor when he said she could not eat in class, she yelled at her maid when she said that she could not wear pants to go riding,and she yelled at her father the King when he said that she could not rule the Kingdom unless her brothers all did not want to (which of course they all did!) But in those days it was an insult and a great crime to yell at the King (who just happened to be her father) so she was sent to her room. And it was that day she decided to run away…

So? Do you like it? Tell me if you like it and I will wright more!


Gypsy Pixie

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