Blogtober Day 10 – Staying Cozy In Fall

Hi guys!

I’m sorry I have not been posting, I just was not motivated to blog.

So today I am going to do a Blogtober which is what Noor’s doing on her blog!

Blogtober Day 10 – Staying Cozy In Fall

~ Make a cozy fort~

I like making forts, putting in some lights and snuggling up with my IPod or a book

~ Decorating your room ~

I have fairy lights in my room, and comfy and warm wool blankets on my bed and oh my gosh it makes my room feel so warm cozy. also keep your room clean it makes it feel a lot nicer.

~ Make tea and watch a movie ~

I love curling up in a blanket, drinking tea and watching a movie

Hope you enjoyed!


Gypsy Pixie

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