Guest Post From Rose!

Hi guys!

Today I have a guest post from Rose! Take it away girl! 🙂

A Christmas Story Told In Gifs
​Sup, I’m Rose from It’s Looking A Bit Mitty! My guest post is going to be, a Christmas story told in gifs. Let’s get started!
Becca wakes up on Christmas morning with a feeling of joy.

​But then, when she gets to the Christmas tree there were no presents!

​​She ran to her parents room with a feeling of rage.

​They woke up and looked confused.

​Then they told her the gifts were in her Santa sack!

​And so she spent the rest of the morning playing with her gifts.

​And at the family Christmas party, joy was clear.

​Well, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Gif Story. Remember my blog link is
Merry Christmas,
Rose :3
Thanks for that awesome guest post Rose!
Thanks for reading!

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