A Post That My Mum Did

Hi guys!

I thought I would share a post that my mum did on her web site.

best friend jar


My twelve-year-old daughter made a lovely Christmas gift for her best friend. She printed out several sentiments, such as, “You make me laugh,” and, “You know me better than I know myself,” and stuck them to the inside of a Mason jar, along with a paper snowflake and a little heart, and then tied a braid of hemp cord around the top of the jar.
best friend jar by gypsy pixie
Then she made a little booklet with a cardstock cover and paper pages, sewn in along the spine with some gold cord. One side says, “Sierra’s Favourite Quotes,” and, when it is flipped upside down, the other side says, “Sophia’s Favourite Quotes.” Sierra wrote several of her favourite quotes in her side, leaving the other side for Sophia to write in.
best friend jar by gypsy pixie
I love that this is a gift that can be added to over the years, inspired by the treasures that emerge from a best friend’s heart. ♥
I didn’t do a post on this so there you go! 🙂 Her website is the artful acorn.Thanks for reading!


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