Why Wont Summer Come Sooner!?

Hi Guys!

Okay I really want summer to hurry up, we got a few days of warm sunny weather and now it is really dark and wet, I get kinda depressed if the weather is dark and rainy.

Now change of subject, I am going on a bit of a rant here but bare with me.

Do clothing company’s not realize that there are still skinny people out there in the world? I mean when I was younger I literally could not find pants that fit me, the only place i could find pants was at thrift stores.I could find pants that fit me in the legs but they were two inches to big in the waist!! It just makes me so frustrated! But there is hope! I found some stretchy comfortable jeans at Sears! Good job Sears!


Also next month is my one year Blogiversary! So get excited for that! 😀


Thank you for reading my rant, and have a nice day.



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