Happy April!

Happy April everyone!

And you know what this means… Its April Fools Day!

So I did a few pranks on my mom and my brother (my dad is out of town) and I am going to share a few of them with you!

  • Bubble wrap under the carpet. This is a really fun one! I put it under the door mat and when my mom walked on it she thought she broke something!
  • Taking the battery’s out of the remotes. This is also a fun one, my mom and brother struggled with is for a minute before they figured it out 😛
  • Paper under the computer mouse. It’s fun to see there reaction when they find out it was a prank 🙂
  • Fake toilet paper poop. All you have to do for this one is get an empty toiler paper roll wet and then rip it into small pieces and form them into a log shape, and place it anywhere you want!
  • Draw a spider shape on the toilet paper. They will get a surprise when the find it!


Also I am participating in Noor’s April Photo Challenge! I don’t think I will do it every day but I will try my best!

What kind of pranks do you pull on April Fools Day?

Thanks for reading!


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