Happy Earth Day!

Hello People!

Today is Earth Day! Do something nice for the planet today, go out of your way to recycle something that you would normally throw in the trash. Or make a garden and try to grow something! The possibility’s are endless!

A fun thing you can do with your friends is to make a notebook and go around your neighborhood writing down the different plants, trees and animals that you see. I did this with my friends last year and it was really fun!

Okay now a complete change of subject……

I am changing my name AGAIN, now some of you are probably getting a little annoyed with all the name changing, from Wood Girl to Gypsy Pixie and now to Sierra Rose! Sierra is my first name and Rose is my middle name, I really wanted to have my real name on my blog and now I do!

Thank you for being patient with all my name changing, it took me awhile to find the right one 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Sierra Rose



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