A Bittersweet Goodbye


Long time no see! (actually that way my fault lol, ok i’m done)

So I won’t be posting on this blog anymore 🙁  Between starting high school and everyday life it was to hard to keep up a constant schedule which wasn’t fair to you.

But don’t worry! I have started a collab blog called Cereal For Teens with my friend Lilly! Yes, I know its a weird name, maybe you should check out the blog to find out! (Shameless self promo there)

I want to thank everyone for helping me break into the blogging community, I know it was short lived but it helped me find something even more perfect! We will be uploading twice a week, one post for me and one for Lilly. The type of content you can expect to see is, OOTD’s, Life Hacks, Cool Recipes, DIY’s and in Lillys words ” A look into our teenage lives”! I really hope you will follow me over there because it will be pretty cool!

Ill talk to you on Cereal For Teens!

For the last time,

Bye guys!

~ Sierra

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