Last Minute Halloween Bat Diy!


Okay I am not blogging vary regularly (I haven’t blogged for ten days!) and I am sorry! I just have been vary lazy lately so sorry about that!

I thought a Halloween post was in order so…..

Last Minute Halloween Bat Diy!


Okay for this project you will need: Black paper, scissors, a pencil, a paintbrush, a toilet paper roll, glue, black paint (I used tempera paint but you can use acrylic or something), something to hold your paint, and water. And for the eyes you will need small pompons of any color you want!


The first step is to paint all of the toilet paper roll.



Now while that is drying it is time to draw and cut out the wings!

Take your black paper and draw bat wings on it with your pencil.



Then cut them out!

Now fold in the top of the roll


and do this again so it looks like this.


Now time to attach the wings!

Place them where you want them to be


And add glue to hold them in place!


When you turn them around they will look like this


Add the eyes and your done!


The diy was from this video go check it out! If you make this diy would love to know about it, you can leave a comment or email me!

Have a great Halloween!

Love you guys!


Gypsy Pixie

My first DIY!

Hello everybody!

Today i have a DIY for you all, yay!

Ok so to do this you will need the following… Paint brushes, Paint, Canvas (big or small) Painter’s tape, And whatever you want to decorate it!

So this is what i did..


So i put painters tape on in the pattern i liked.


Than i started painting!




Then i took off the tape…

And painted in the lines with the colors i liked!

I doted the lines with sparkly glue

put sequin like things on and voila!


You have a really cool wall decoration!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Mbye ~ Gypsy Pixie