30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 10!

Well hello everybody!

Today is day ten of the blogging challenge!

So lets go! —->


Day 10 – Best Trip Of Your Life

Okay I thing the best trip of my life was going to Nakusp.

It was so diverse and it was neat to see the reaction that we got from the public. It was also awesome to be able to camp for the week ahead! And i had never been on a road trip before!

And that was the best trip of my life!

Stay awesome!

Gypsy Pixie <3

30 Day Blogging Challenge : Day 5!

Well hello everybody!

Wow saying that is getting really old, leave a suggestion in the comments what i should say for the intro.

Okay now on to the post!


Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment(s)

In the SCA there is an equestrian group that is called The Storm Riders,  and I was accepted into that group, I was so happy and proud!

The leader of that group is a woman called Violante (pronounced vee – oh – lahn – tay)

When I was in Nakusp She gave me feed and fly spray and brush’s and sent me of to go play with the horses! I felt so proud and trusted!

Okay Bye!

Gypsy Pixie <3