I’m back, and an announcement!

Hi everybody, I’m back! (gives a virtual hug to all of you)

Nakusp was awesome, I had a great time there.

On Friday we did a flash mob and a mini fighting demo in town to get people excited for the BIG demo, after that we went to an old folks home to visit, because they couldn’t come to the demo. When we were done there we went to the Halcyon hot springs, it was so nice

Saturday was the big day, at ten o’clock people came streaming into the demo, it was so cool! But by the end of the first day I was so glad it was done (it got really hot on the weekend) On Sunday, it was just about the same, but I didn’t see the end of the demo because we went to the lake! (and got ice cream!)


A really cool thing is that Nakusp brought in goats!

IMG_7360    IMG_7340

And now for the announcement…. I TURNED TWELVE!!! (balloons fly, firecrackers go off, everybody cheers). On my birthday i got called up in court and the Prince and Princess gave me a little hand made pocket bag (court is where the highest ranking people at the SCA event (say the Prince and Princess)  call up individuals for awards and make announcements, stuff like that).

Overall I think the demo was a great success!


Well I hope you liked my post!

Gypsy Pixie <3